Research Opportunities

NEWS: The group is recruiting! We have openings on a rolling basis for postdocs, rotation PhD students (already accepted to UChicago), and a limited number of MS or advanced undergraduate students. Find out about our research and our research opportunities.
• If you would like to be a postdoctoral fellow in the group, please send me an email at cdonnat [at] including your interests and CV.
• If you are a UChicago PhD/Masters or Undergrad student interested in joining the group, please send me an email including your interests, CV, and transcript.
• For others not currently at the University, we apologize if we may not have the bandwidth to respond.

NEWS: The group is looking for applied collaborations! If you are a researcher and would like to seek a collaboration with our group (especially if your problem involves networks, or pairwise and/or higher order interactions between agents/ datapoints ), please reach out to me directly!

We have a number of projects for Masters and undergraduate students — theoretical or applied. Contact me directly to request to see the list/